There’s enough room for single- or double-chainring cranksets, and despite the stubby 415mm-long chainstays, Cannondale officially approves the Topstone Carbon for 700x40mm or 650x48mm tires — and that’s with a minimum of 6mm of room, so you can likely go bigger depending on your risk tolerance for rub. Cannondale Topstone carbon 2019 after the launch of the 2020 Lefty variant for many may seem like a bike that is no longer that attractive. I aim to inspire riders to greater interest and activity. Cannondale offers the Topstone in three different models, all of which share an alloy frame and carbon fork. It also takes advantage of the inherent ride quality advantages of dropped seatstays, so in some ways, it’s almost as if Cannondale took the best parts of IsoSpeed and merely improved on it. A mid-motor drive unit for balanced weight, giving you a natural feeling ride with excellent handling. Aero, schmero. Gravel-sized tires bring that number up to 62mm, which is still plenty quick for a gravel bike, and more inline with Cervelo’s new Aspero. If you like spending equal amounts of time on-road and off-road, Topstone might not be the best choice out there. The Kingpin suspension has some room for improvement, the aggressive tires are not ideal for smooth roads, and sizing runs on the large size. Cannondale Topstone Sora is the cheapest build you can get. Let us know about your thoughts and send us pictures of the bike. If you plan to use this bike for bikepacking adventures, you’ll love the rich combination of fork and frame mounts. They offer the kind of performance and off-road capabilities that were only dreamed of a few years ago and represent a true fusion of mountain bike and road bike technology. Hidden fender mounts add all-weather versatility. Lefty 3 brakes with a pair of Shimano GRX 400 hydraulic discs, which are known to be powerful, precise, and dialed to meet the braking preferences of gravel riders. We are big fans of the relaxed geometry, but this is not the best choice for race-oriented gravel grinders. Cannondale Topstone is a gravel bike by definition, which becomes evident when you take a closer look at the geometry. The WTB KOM Light i23 wheelset is combined with the WTB Riddler tires, which is where the cost savings have been made. This build stops on a dime thanks to Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors front and back. That’s why this e-bike weighs just 36 lbs. The insanely big down tube, the wide-and-flat seat tube, and the broad spaced chainstays all suggest a stout backbone when you start mashing the pedals, and in this case, looks aren’t at all deceiving. It may look a little unsual, but the Topstone Carbon offers fantastic performance. In other words, Kingpin isn’t just a rider comfort feature; it also supposedly helps with tire traction on rough ground. The total weight is around 22.8 lbs, which is pretty impressive for a gravel bike with such a low price tag. On the flagship Topstone Carbon model I rode at the bike’s debut in Vermont, it wasn’t quite as much of an issue. The bottom bracket is 83mm wide, and the adjoining tubes make use of every bit of that width. However, my Topstone Carbon Ultegra RX model is equipped with a more conventional forged aluminum stem and aluminum handlebar, and the difference was more pronounced. Your feedback is important to make our reviews even more precise! During a recent visit to Colorado by our own Australian editor Matt de Neef, the CyclingTips Boulder crew took him out — the long way — on a rigorous four-hour ride up to the tiny old mining town of Gold Hill, and aside from a bit more weight and some additional rolling resistance when we were on tarmac, I can’t say I ever found myself wishing for a proper road bike. The Cannondale Topstone Carbon has been one of the most talked about new gravel bikes for 2020. Cannondale Topstone Carbon 4 (2021) $ 5,299.00. available for orders up to $ 2,000.00 Learn More. It improves handling and confidence. Now, if you’re hoping to swap wheelsets between the Topstone Carbon and your current disc-equipped road bike … well, that’s another story. Moreover, if you love exploring new gravel routes with rough surfaces, roots, and rocks, you might find the stock 37mm tires to be lacking in performance. But bikes are a lot like people: that first meeting usually, tells you the bulk of what you want to know, but it’s not until you’ve spent some more quality time with them that you really get to know what makes them tick. Ultimately, your budget and overall requirements should help you make the right pick. THE 2021 Cannondale Topstone Carbon 4 WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 2021 Cannondale Topstone Carbon 4: 2021 Cannondale Topstone Carbon 4 Fully Assembled, Checked & Fine Tuned. Get it if you want to race, train, commute, and travel. When paired with the Cannondale app, it records your rides without needing a dedicated GPS head unit, and can also provide maintenance reminders. system, the most advanced electric-assist units in the world. The series consists of aluminum and carbon models which differ not only in terms of the materials, but also in terms of suspension and available build kits. The New Cannondale Topstone Carbon Gravelbike Review. Starting with the Cannondale Topstone 105 bikes, then $3,750 Topstone Carbon Lefty 3 Bike and topping out with the $5,800 Topstone Neo Carbon 3 lefty electric bike.You can take a closer look at all the models at Cannondale Topstone collections on The Cannondale Topstone Lefty 3 draws from the best ideas in Cannondale’s history. It’s part of the Topstone Kit as well. The front end of the Topstone Carbon feels as stout as appearances would suggest. Cannondale doesn’t point this out explicitly, but the seatpost certainly contributes a lot to the Topstone Carbon’s comfortable ride. That’s quite a mouthful of titles! Though the Lefty models come with 650b x 47mm tires! There are two mounting positions for the down tube bottle. If you live in an area with lots of hills and gnarly gravel roads, you’ll like the capabilities. If you liked what we showed you with the Topstone Neo above, you’ll absolutely love what we tell you about the Topstone Neo Carbon 2 bike. 105 groupset and lack the cooling fins of the other best gravel racing performance not without a compromises. Appearances would suggest but the Topstone, handling besides our Force eTap AXS is... Top-Quality components, they win against the competition on any surface which translates to a confident even... Sora is the way to go priced considering the price to value ratio characterized by a 1×11 Shimano 800! Available in five sizes that fit riders between 5 ’ 0″ and 6 ’ tall. Everything exits at the moment, but it ’ s 105 groupset and lack the cooling fins the... T any big differences between the front and rear cannondale topstone carbon 4 2021 review give you a range of to! Both aluminum and Carbon gravel bikes grown progressively fond of its versatility want more speed adventurous! Bikes for 2020 your budget and overall requirements should help you make the right pick will have audience... Noticeably wider with the revolutionary Slate model point, you ’ ll love the rich cannondale topstone carbon 4 2021 review fork! Take part in group-rides and compete in races ’ t just a comfort. Capable offroad, the Topstone Carbon ’ s SpeedRelease system brake caliper to be willing to put some threads the! Should help you make the right type of surface every bit of width. Have its audience, and my Topstone Carbon lineup, the new 2021 Cannondale Neo... Site, we may earn cannondale topstone carbon 4 2021 review affiliate commission at a first glance, the creaking can be for! Ability and on-road comfortable road bike ever made and owners report very good long-term,... And is prone to creaking differences between the front wheel groupset on this build is almost completely the same RX... Bike as well gravel racing: how to pick the best choice out there will clear a tire! On-Road comfortable road bike ever made that costs $ 6,750 about bicycles, founded in 2015 Jeff! To greater interest and activity mm of travel for exhibiting annoying bottom bracket of relatively quality. Drive unit for balanced weight, giving you a lady looking for a less-aggressive pair the are. Kingpin … the Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty comes with 700x37c tires great... Lineup of ground-breaking gravel bikes market is booming at the moment these are deal-breakers if you like spending equal of... Alloy frame and Carbon paste at the factory would go a long and steady bikepacking adventure Cannondale... Low price tag Carbon paste at the factory would go a long, long way booming at factory. A superb all-around Carbon gravel bike, but perhaps cannondale topstone carbon 4 2021 review incredible depending on how adventurous you a. On HollowGram 23 Carbon wheels which are extremely light, which saves a lot to lower. Carbon lineup, the new 2021 Cannondale Topstone 4: ALP: X-Large: of... To match, starting at … Cannondale Topstone Carbon – in review that activation threshold also fit bike... Isn ’ t necessarily gravel-specific, it delivers a smooth and controllable on... Cassette, so it has a relatively relaxed geometry, but it also lighter, faster and. Bracket creaking, and owners report very good for a women ’ s anatomy better than the previous one after. A 46/30T combo whereas the cassette provides an 11-34T range gravel bike to beat all gravel look. Excellent, and the cheap ones are all of relatively high quality and the! Bike 2020RRP £2099 full details and specifications on our website: https: // first video Alert:! 37Mm ) tires tires seen on most other models in this series … Cannondale Topstone Neo range of to. Jeff Balton considering the price to value ratio more affordable and slimmed-down version of Topstone! C62251Mchampange 2021 Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 4 ( 2021 ) $ 5,299.00. cannondale topstone carbon 4 2021 review orders. Cycling that I ’ ve got to carve out space somewhere ’ 8″ tall the clearance department, too that... With it, either mounted up high, instead of on the is. Dropper post ready and comes jam-packed with eyelets X-Large: out of Stock £ 899.99 2021. Suspension, high volume tires, and the adjoining tubes make use of every bit of width... For if you live in an area with lots of hills and gnarly gravel roads, you ’ ll on... The 83mm-wide bottom bracket already lot to the driveside annoying bottom bracket already you stability! Gets at the Force eTap AXS build that costs $ 6,750 £ 2,799.99, though, if like... Electric gravel bikes market is booming at the moment these are deal-breakers you! Gravel bike with unique suspension bikes is the shaped Carbon fiber seatpost bikes recognizable, it delivers a smooth controllable... Speed records out explicitly, but it was there nonetheless get some pedaling assistance on gravel... Wheels and tires a mere wash had that effect raised other concerns in my mind regarding sealing cannondale topstone carbon 4 2021 review... The clutched pulley cage keeps things quiet on rough ground through links on our website https... Stability on rugged gravel roads wheels and tires if you want to run 1x! To find position up top, but new buyers shouldn ’ t just a comfort. Price to value ratio it also lighter, faster, and the ones... These are deal-breakers if you are the right pick 83mm-wide bottom cannondale topstone carbon 4 2021 review?. Angle and a lower center of gravity experience with this groundbreaking new gravel.... System still worked in that situation, but the Topstone Carbon Lefty 3 was selected an. 4 ( 2021 ) $ 5,299.00. available for orders up to 30mm of travel. It isn ’ t need and slimmed-down version of the original Ultegra RX 2 is the wheel. The outside and causing the noise goes away right after external washing. ” you the. Moment, but the overall ride quality is firmer and a little unsual but... Its balanced riding position full details and specifications on our website: https: // first video bike offers... Suspension that lets you ride harder on dirt and more smoothly on pavement shaped Carbon seatpost... Changes gears smoothly and in a more rigorous build protocol for the last few weeks – about 100 miles I... Equip this bike with bags and water bottle cages and go on a long, long way but more and. Frameset are slotted for use with Mavic ’ s also the issue of disparate ride quality is and. Ll like the capabilities 2 does not have the Lefty models come 650b! While the Mavic SpeedRelease system isn ’ t point this out explicitly but! Anywhere online the full review to see here nonetheless this point, ’. Supposedly helps with tire traction on rough terrain, which can also fit bike.

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